Georgia Ltd. has twenty years of stellar reputation and diverse experience in providing our clients and business partners with knowledge and expertise in various business areas in Georgia and to some degree throughout the Caucasus region. Let us know if we could help your company with:

The current global economic trends are constantly evolving, and the only way to keep up with these trends is to watch closely to gain your momentum. For a company with over twenty years of experience, Georgia Ltd. has been involved in the following business sectors/spheres in the Republic of Georgia:

Currently the rising petroleum prices are directly affecting the cost of food products and increasing the food prices worldwide. Several years ago when the demand was in high gear, Georgia Ltd. began selling variety of meat (frozen) products, importing chicken, beef, pork to name few.. Thus, we are constantly looking for business partners with whom we can build a strong relationship and find a product with the most potential to sell. Therefore, we are interested in working with you.