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We are seeking a business partner for this amazing manufacturing facility. This is perfect facility for any company that wishes to outsource manufacturing operations and dramatically cut costs!

Main Facility

We currently have a ready manufacturing facility in the Rep. of Georgia, close to Capital Tbilisi, major inter-country road and close proximity to port, airport. This is a perfect opportunity if you are looking to outsource your manufacturing operations and import goods & products. Transportation and delivery costs are low from Georgia (especially from the facility location).

The facility is in ready to go condition (please check details on link below with pictures, plans, square meters/footage). All the utilities and piping, gas, electricity had been connected, working and tested. You can very quickly move in your technology and equipment, turn on lights and start the operation! It is that easy and that fast! In addition, close proximity to the inter-country highway and readily available labor (located in populated area) makes it even more attractive deal.

Basically we are looking to either (Option 1) partner up with a strong business group to bring in the technology, equipment into the facility and start joint production or (Option 2) to rent or (Option 3) to sell the facility to interested businesses.

In addition, with our experience and expertise, we could also assist you with management, hiring, operations and other miscellaneous tasks in a very short timeframe. Speed is one of the most important factors and we can help you to move in and start operations very promptly.

Click Here For Additional Details, Maps, Facility Plan & Info

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