Georgia Limited - One company...unlimited possibilities, driven for Success.

Georgia Ltd. was established in 1993 in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia by Mr. Gela Dzidzikashvili, who is the current CEO/President and owner of Georgia Ltd. The company started manufacturing plastic bags for sugar and wheat producers and for individual consumer use, later expanded in numerous other business areas.

Over the years, Mr. Dzidzikashvili has turned a vision of transforming an abandoned Soviet military infrastructure facility into something useful that brought jobs to the local community to his native Gardabani Region of Georgia. Furthermore, Mr. Dzidzikashvili had long envisioned to transforming the agriculturally rich region into a main food producer/supplier hub to meet the growing demands not only in Georgia but also in the neighboring Azerbaijan and Armenia in future.

The President and CEO of Georgia Ltd. - Gela Dzidzikashvili holds advanced graduate degrees in Chemistry and Engineering from Kutaisi Polytechnic Institute. He also brings over 20 years of experience in international business, consumer goods, food products, entertainment, tourism, petroleum, just to name a few. Before the break-up of the Soviet Union, Mr. Dzidzikashvili successfully held key leadership positions in the local governance/administrative bodies and as the Director of one of the largest toy manufacturing plants, supervising and managing up to 10,000 employees.

Mr. Dzidzikashvili is known for his ability of translating big ideas into practical implementation plans. For years he has been a go-to guy for some of the international businessmen, journalists looking to understand economic trends, and the market. Mr. Dzidzikashvili prides himself for being able to quickly understand and identify changing market trends, demands and aggressively move in with sophisticated business plan and/or venture/business partnerships.

As a true visionary and man of humble heart and upbringing, Gela Dzidzikashvili actively supported local cultural events, the Orthodox Christian Churches of village Norio, and courageously active supporter for his native people in the Gardabani region of Georgia.